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~ Doors Open at 8:00 P.M ~


Primetime is a Winnipeg based 4 piece cover band playing classic rock and contemporary rock music. Since 2010 Primetime has played to full dance floors at Winnipeg clubs, private and corporate functions, product launches, weddings and socials. Primetime engages their audience with their high energy interactive show, drawing from decades of performance experience and music background, with unique set lists created for each unique engagement.







~ Doors Open at 7:30 P.M ~

ON STAGE AT 8:00 P.M. - Mike Procyshyn & Lonesome Boxcar

Mike Procyshyn has been operating as a singer-songwriter for over ten years; Informed by his life in Kenora, Ontario, and a quick wit: He draws in UFO's, low rent hotels, while a collection of broken hearted characters form the cast;
creating lyrical narratives that are relatable, and whimsical.

With musical influences ranging decades, modern and antiquated, the constant criteria was to keep the song at the forefront. 'Lonesome Boxcar' grew from a group assembled to record "I'm attempting clever", to a fully functioning live act; Providing a sonic footprint that respects that sounds of the past, while invoking modern sounds. "Mixtape for an old flame" is the newest album from the band, due for release in Summer, 2017.


ON STAGE AT 9:15 P.M. - The Road Hammers


Strap yourself in and hang on The Road Hammers are back with Wheels (Open Road Recordings), a record that will resonate deeply with anyone who ever up and shook the dust off their boots and hit the road just for the hell of it.

Scheduled for release on June 3rd, Wheels is a tight set of raw and uncompromising tunes that telegraphs the unique sense of freedom found by getting behind the wheel of something, anything, and getting the hell out of Dodge. Nowhere is that more evident than on Wheels second single 'Mud,' a track dedicated to people who love getting dirty at high speed on motorbikes, trucks, hot rods or whatever they can fire up and head out on. "The album's called Wheels for a reason," says Jason McCoy (vocals/guitar). We didn't want to write a song just about trucking, but about 4x4's, four-wheeling, dirt biking, you name it, and 'Mud' is an extension of that."

Co-produced by Scott Baggett (Alison Krauss, Buddy Guy, Bonnie Raitt) and McCoy, Wheels covers a lot of ground. Like previous Road Hammers records it reflects the band's love of the road with a mix of 'Hammerized' covers including Steve Earle's 'Hillbilly Highway' (featuring Colt Ford), Geoff Mack's classic 'I've Been Everywhere,' and blazing originals like lead single, 'Get On Down the Road.' "But it didn't have to be a highway song to make the cut, it just had to have a certain energy," McCoy says, referencing the Hammers' cover of BTO's 'Let It Roll,' which boasts a killer vocal performance by BTO co-founder and bassist Fred Turner.


ON STAGE AT 11:15 P.M. - Blackjack Billy


Everyone in Blackjack Billy is bonded together by music — specifically, the no-holds-barred,good-time, party-down rockin’ country that is endearing them to fans throughout and beyond the U.S.

The group first impacted in 2013, when they independently released their first single, “The Booze Cruise,” to digital media. With no promotion, the summertime anthem nonetheless won frequent rotation by SiriusXM’s “The Highway,” achieved Platinum certification in Canada, charted #1 in Australia, and became the hottest-selling iTunes song in America by any act without a label deal that year. “Honestly, we had zero expectation when we wrote it that anything would ever happen with it,” admits guitarist Jeff Coplan. “We’d only been playing random bar gigs up to that point, where nobody came to see us; they were there to watch Sports Center or pick up chicks or get drunk. But then ‘The Booze Cruise’ took off, which was great.”

“Now, three years later, it’s still being downloaded and requested,” singer Noll Billings points out. “DJs are still cranking it when we walk into bars. It hasn’t gone away. If anything, it’s gained momentum.” That happy fact leads to more recent developments. First came one of the founding members Rob Blackledge’s decision to leave the band. What seemed at first like a problem turned quickly into an opportunity both for Blackjack Billy and young bass phenom Ian Munsick. “I was on this cruise where Chris Cavanaugh was playing,” Noll says. “I went to watch his set and I just remember thinking, ‘Damn, that bass player is bad-ass. He’s got mad swagger.’ All the girls were up in front of the stage. He had a big smile. Then a week or two later, when Rob decided to do his own thing, my first thought was, ‘Who was that friggin’ bass player?’ I called Cavanaugh and said, ‘Hey, I want to steal your bass player.’ And Chris was cool enough to give me his number.” “Ian is just a positive dude, Jeff adds. “He comes in every day with a smile on his face and says, ‘We get to play music today!’” Raised in Kennett, Missouri, hometown as well to Sheryl Crow, Trent Tomlinson and David Nail, Noll hightailed to Hawaii after high school and then to the Caribbean before hanging up his surfboard and settling in St. Louis. He built a local following through local club gigs and eventually left for Nashville to score a publishing deal with EMI and pursue bigger dreams. Jeff, meanwhile, began his journey in Montreal and then headed to New York City to learn the art of studio engineering, production and song writing. There he started making writing trips to Nashville and fell in love with country songwriting which led to he and Robert Ellis Orrall putting together the group Love and Theft in hopes of creating a modern-day variation on the Eagles. Jeff then moved to Nashville, produced their first album and wrote some of their material, including the No. 1 hit “Angel Eyes.” Jeff met Noll through their mutual publisher, EMI and the impact was immediate. ‘I had written with a lot of people over the years and the first time I sat down to write with Noll we completely connected. I basically just wanted to write everything with him after that.’ With that Blackjack Billy was born.

We bought a converted airport shuttle bus, booked some shows and hit the road,” Jeff says. “We needed a drummer, met Brad (Cummings) literally three days before our first run down to Key West. He was literally learning the songs on the long drive down.’ When Ian came aboard, following his move to Nashville from small-town Dayton, Wyoming, to Nashville via a spell as a ski instructor in Switzerland, Blackjack Billy has begun moving ahead with a new confidence and unity.

Signed now to Reviver Records, they are hard at work recording tracks for their label debut. They’re also revisiting the song that broke them in the digital world, this time with the aim of taking it for the first time to American country radio. “‘The Booze Cruise’ is brand new to millions of people who never heard it,” Jeff says. “We’ve sold 200,000-something downloads of the song in the U.S. independently. But once it hits terrestrial radio, we hope to make a lot of new fans.” Until then, word of mouth and incendiary performances alone are building Blackjack Billy’s fan base. “We are you,” Noll explains. “We’re big-time country fans. “We’re big-time rock and roll fans. We love music. We love mingling with and being part of the crowd. Usually when we’re done playing, we go find the coolest group of fans and go party with them. We’ll steal a golf cart and be out there in the crowd. We stole Storme Warren’s cart a couple of times.” He turns to Jeff. “I’ve heard you say that we’re going to out-fun everyone. We’re going to have more energy than the crowd every night. If they step it up a notch, we’re going to step it up two.” How’s that sit with the new guy? Ian sums it up succinctly: “I’m just happy to be here, man!”




~ Doors Open at 7:30 P.M ~


In 2012, Todd Kerns, Brent Fitz and Cory Churko took time out of their busy schedules playing with Slash and Kelly Clarkson to band together and play a charity event in Winnipeg, Canada. They decided the theme of the night was to play only Canadian classic music. With a setlist comprised of tunes by such greats as, Streetheart, Queen City Kids, Kim Mitchell, Loverboy, Saga, Platinum Blonde, Harlequin and Aldo Nova they played to a packed house raising money for Cancer research.
The night was such a success that they decided to put together a record to celebrate the best in Canadian Music and remake the songs that influenced and inspired their careers. Toque was born!



Platinum Blonde is a New Wave group that was first active from the mid 1980s to the early 1990s. The band originally consisted of Mark Holmes from Mansfield, England on vocals and bass, Sergio Galli on guitar and Chris Steffler on drums. Scottish musician Kenny MacLean later joined the group as the bassist. The name of the band was inspired by the 1931 Jean Harlow movie Platinum Blonde. They were known also for their stylish glam rock-like appearance.
The band re-united in 2010 and will be releasing a new album in 2012.

Platinum Blonde was inducted into the Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame on March 12, 2010.


In 1983, Platinum Blonde signed to CBS (now Sony)  Records and released a self-titled six-song EP, which made it to #39 on the album charts. It was quickly expanded into a full length album titled Standing in the Dark, which featured identical artwork to the EP. The band’s popularity on the airwaves led to a triple platinum (300,000) album, featuring four hits including two Juno Award nominations: “Standing in the Dark” and “It Doesn’t Really Matter”. Their music videos were placed into high rotation on the newly created MuchMusic, a national music video network.

In 1985, the band released a second album called Alien Shores, featuring the addition of a fourth member, Kenny MacLean. “Alien Shores” went five times platinum. Hits from the second album included “Situation Critical”, “Crying Over You”, “Somebody Somewhere”, and “Hungry Eyes”.

In 1988 the band’s next album, Contact, was a hit, going triple platinum, but was significantly less successful than their previous record. The title track “Contact” as well as “Connect Me” and a cover of the Ohio Players sone “Fire” (with a guest vocal from Sugarfoot from the Ohio Players)

The entire group appeared as alien bikers in the 1988 episode “Eye for an Eye” of the television series War of the Worlds.

Bassist Kenny MacLean was found dead on November 24, 2008 in his recording studio. He had just released his third solo CD entitled Completely at Toronto’s Mod Club on Friday November 21, passing away that night after the show of heart failure.



Discovered in the summer of 1984 when a band from Newmarket, Ontario called  Tokyo spent two evenings performing before capacity crowds at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens opening for Boy George and Culture Club.  Their dynamic original sound captured the moment, and the race to sign them was on. Tokyo, which had become a major force in suburban high schools and the Ontario club circuit, officially became Glass Tiger early the following year when a record deal was finally signed with Capitol Records. 
With Jim Vallance (Bryan Adams; Aerosmith; Ozzy Osbourne) at the helm Glass Tiger was immediately introduced to the recording studio to work on their first album.  The Thin Red Line set a record for being the fastest selling debut recording in Canadian history, going gold within weeks of its release.  To date, Glass Tiger has sold over 5,000,000 records on the strength of 4 Platinum records in Canada and one Gold in the United States. One of Glass Tiger’s many hit singles “Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)” yielded a #2 spot on Billboard that was followed by “Someday” which reached #5.  Both songs also made Canadian history when Glass Tiger won successive Juno's a year apart for Single of the Year from the same album.  
Glass Tiger’s second release Diamond Sun, and third album, Simple Mission, solidified their reputation as being one of Canada’s best song crafters.  Diamond Sun sported four charting singles: “Diamond Sun,” “I’m Still Searching,” “My Song,” and “(Watching) Worlds Crumble,” achieving Double Platinum status; while Simple Mission went Platinum, with  “Animal Heart”, and the notable Celtic duet classic, "My Town", which features the legendary Rod Stewart.
With five Juno awards and a Grammy nomination world tours, hit singles, over 5 million albums sold, top producers, and sharing stages with some of the biggest acts of all time, Glass Tiger’s has solidified itself as an Iconic Canadian act. 
Currently working at Johnny Reid’s Nashville studio on pre-production for a new 2017 release the band has never been more Fired Up!
“Our performances have never been tighter, and we are playing at our highest level ever, we are re-ignited, recharged and looking forward to every show." Says lead singer Alan Frew.