Kenora, Ontario

About Harbourfest

August 3rd & 4th 2019

It's Thousands of happy Harbourites, gathered on Beautiful Lake of the Woods.
Epic performances. An escape into Excitement, Overwhelming happiness, Hugging a stranger by accident, Complete System overload.
It's the perfect bite of ice cream, Chip Truck Fries, Classic Car shows, Sandals, Chirping Birds, Crashing Waves, Flashing Lights, Food and Drink, Variety, Singing, Laughing, Short shorts, High-Fives, and of course, Memories.

Harbourfest is purely powered by Volunteers, sponsorships, and other random acts of kindness. Without any one of these factors, Harbourfest would cease to exist.

Harbourfest is the Largest music festival in North-Western Ontario solely ran by a volunteer committee which takes place every August long weekend in Kenora, Ontario. With daytime family entertainment, merchants, and great food | Harbourfest has something for everyone! If you want to be the first to find out about our latest additions to our music lineup, promotions, contests and more, please sign up to our newsletter!


Medical Emergency Services

WHERE: In the Main Venue, look for the red balloons. Things happen: Mosh injuries, face rocked off -  That’s why the Main Venue, is home to a Harbourfest medical team, staffed throughout the weekend.

For your safety, the medical area is staffed with licensed professionals.

In an emergency, if you’re not near a medical area, find a staff person, or notify the nearest security personnel. Tip: If you’re not sure whether it’s an emergency, assume it is and get help right away.

Safety Staff

WHERE: You can find our safety staff roaming through the Venue, at the entrance to the Whitecap Pavilion near the stage. Our safety (aka, security) staff are trained to help make sure everyone has a good time and stays safe. If you have a security issue, find one of our Security staff and they’ll be happy to help you out.

NOTE: All persons will be searched at random on entry to the festival. (which you should definitely keep in mind when deciding what to bring). Prepare to be (politely) searched each time you enter the Whitecap Pavilion.

About Drugs

The Harbourfest Music Festival stands squarely against drug use. First, it’s dangerous to your health, especially in the August heat. Second, it can ruin the weekend for you and those around you. And last but not least it’s against the law: If it’s illegal outside the festival, it’s illegal inside, too.

If you see someone who is sick, upset, scared or clearly having a bad experience, get help. Find a medical personal or festival staff member.

Our number-one concern is the well-being of all Harbourfest attendees. By steering clear of substances and getting help for those who need it, you are contributing positively to the Harbourfest vibe, and the entire community - thanks you for that.

2019 Wooden Boat Parade

Boats enter the harbor – Sunday August-5-2018 at 12:00 PM

(The boats will circle the harbor twice with the larger boats performing a “Speedpass” on the second time around along the green belt)

Boats will then land for display until 2 P.M. 

All wooden boats in any condition are welcome but must preregister by Wedensday August-1-2018. To register your boat, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Takes place on the Kenora Harbourfront greenbelt on Lake of the Woods. Information to Follow


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